2017 Medicare Costs

CMS has released the 2017 Medicare costs. PART A Medicare Part A costs will change as follows:   2016 2017 Inpatient hospital deductible $1,288 $1,316 Daily coinsurance for 61st-90th Day 322 329 Daily coinsurance for lifetime reserve days 644 658… Continue Reading →

How to Apply for Medicare Benefits

When and How to Apply for Medicare Benefits Some people are automatically enrolled in, and others have to manually sign up for Medicare benefits. How do you know which category you fall into? Most citizens are not eligible until they turn 65,… Continue Reading →

Glossary of Medicare Terms

Medicare can be very confusing and oftentimes overwhelming. There is no substitute for sitting down with a Medicare specialist. If you need some help with understanding Medicare and your supplement or Advantage plan options, please contact us. You can send… Continue Reading →

2017 Social Security Raise

Congress has announced the Social Security raise for the 2017 year. Although larger than last year, which saw no increase, the raise is paltry and will leave most, if not all, Social Security recipients frustrated. For the upcoming year, the… Continue Reading →

Advantages of a Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplements (also known as Medigap plans) fill in some of the gaps in coverage left by Original Medicare. The plans are standardized and each plan (labeled A-N) pays some or all of the remaining deductibles and coinsurance. You can… Continue Reading →

Warning Signs of a Stroke

If someone you know were having a stroke, would you  be able to recognize the signs? A simple acronym was developed to help identify the warning signs. Learning this short formula (FAST) could help you act fast and save a loved… Continue Reading →

Understanding the Donut Hole (Coverage Gap)

One of the most dreaded and least understood parts of Medicare is the coverage gap, which is commonly referred to as the donut hole. The best way to explain the donut hole is to give a brief review of how… Continue Reading →

4 Social Security Myths

Seniors depend heavily on Social Security for their income. Excluding a spouse’s income, 43% of seniors rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. With so many seniors relying so much on Social Security, let’s dispel of… Continue Reading →

Medicare Removing Social Security Number From Card

In today’s world of identity theft, it is amazing that Medicare still puts a beneficiary’s social security number on the card. While that does make it very easy for a Medicare recipient to remember their number, the risks are far greater. Well… Continue Reading →

Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period, also called the Annual Election Period (AEP) is fast approaching. This is the one time each year where Medicare beneficiaries can make changes/enroll in a Part D prescription plan or Part C Medicare Advantage plan. Many… Continue Reading →

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